The Butterocks

Part of our PreK curriculum is a third-party resource that comes to teach students about safe touch, body parts, etc. We have always used … [Read more...]

XC recap

Emma joined the legendary Panther XC program this fall, running as a junior high athlete.  Junior high races in Iowa are typically … [Read more...]

So How Was Your Day?

Most suppers, and many breakfasts, are shared together as our family of five around our table. After many years of modeling, Higdon has … [Read more...]

Doing Dishes

We recently bought a cabin along Lake Delhi, just 28 minutes from our driveway. While the cabin comes with many wonderful amenities, it … [Read more...]

Day 2 – Accio Magic

Because we stayed on resort, we were allowed into Harry Potter land one hour before the rest of the park opened.  Emma was fairly easy to … [Read more...]

Day 1 – Lazy

We left CR around 9:30 AM CST and were checked into our room by 2:30 EST.  We had a snack and changed for the pool.  We took some laps … [Read more...]

Owl Post

Emma's birthday trip, like many young witches and wizards turning eleven on or before September 1, was to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and … [Read more...]


Another birthday, another blizzard. If you asked Emma, anyhow, that is how she would view her history of birthdays in her … [Read more...]

You be the baby and I be the momma

One of Higdon's favorite games is you-be-the-baby-and-I-be-the-momma. Or with Aedan, you be the puppy and I be the mommy puppy. In his … [Read more...]


On May 2, on the way home from Cousin Owen's First Communion, still dressed in church finery and minutes before closing, we pulled into … [Read more...]