When your toddler shifts his weight impatiently in the grocery cart seat while waiting for your meat counter order to be packaged and handed … [Read more...]

Tea and Crumpets

Emma invited her female classmates over for a tea party in February.  We didn't advertise it as a birthday party, because Emma that the gift … [Read more...]

Hermione, Mark and Yo-ho

Meet Hermione, brilliant and loyal best friend of Harry Potter. Mark Wiseman, standout Hawkeye running back. and Jake the Neverland … [Read more...]


This week, Emma learned to braid her own hair. Aedan decided on a Halloween costume after months of deliberation. Higdon created a … [Read more...]

My tiny cabbage

Mon petit chou grew her own ten pound whopper this year, as part of a national cabbage-growing competition through Bonnie seeds & … [Read more...]


Aedan had quite the holiday celebration - viral meningitus. July 4: Rode in the work truck for the parade in town, dispensed candy and … [Read more...]

Our Table

Our first major wedded-couple purchase in 2002 was a kitchen table that seated four and a matching sidebar.  It has served countless meals, … [Read more...]

Vamos a la playa!

Friday morning found me rested and wide awake.  I spent some time reading in our hammock while Joel slumbered, then later joined me with … [Read more...]

Vamos a Mexico!

Babies always seem to know when something changes in their atmosphere, and Wednesday April 2, Higdon was restless. He laid awake … [Read more...]


Soccer season ended Tuesday for Emma, and two weeks ago for Aedan. I coached Aedan's K-1 team, and had several of my former preschool … [Read more...]