Come on over

Come on over and check out my new site! It's not done quite yet, but I'm getting there! … [Read more...]

Economics According to Emma

Emma tore a perfume sample out of a Younkers ad a few weeks ago, and asked me to smell.  "Do you love it?"  she asked. "Ummm....That does … [Read more...]

friends, pets and genetics

As soon as Emma gets home from school she hangs up her backpack.  From the small, top pocket she withdraws her new friends and … [Read more...]

Sleeping In

This morning we had our first, of what I'm sure will be many, difficulty getting Emma out of bed. She was snuggled securely in her nest of … [Read more...]

Aedan's Checkup

Aedan had his three-year-old checkup today, and did not want to go. He's never had an issue with visiting the doctor before, and always … [Read more...]

lunchbox fun

On the eve of Emma's first day of Kindergarten last week, I made two week's worth of lunchbox notes for her.  One was a hand-drawn picture … [Read more...]

The Interurban

Last summer, Joel, Amy and I logged more miles than I care to remember on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail.  It was conveniently close to the … [Read more...]

Aedan's first day

Aedan loved his morning with Mom, but as time approached 10:30, he wanted to know when it was time to pick-up Emma.  When I told him 3:00, … [Read more...]

Emma's first day

During my last year of teaching, I had a girl that often arrived in tears on the two mornings I taught.  As I covered Thursdays and Fridays, … [Read more...]

coffee can ice cream

I waited most of the summer for the guys at Joel's office to finish the grounds from their metal coffee can so we could make ice cream.  A … [Read more...]