diva payton

We saw Baby Payton this weekend, which also means that we got to see cousin Owen again. When we were packing up to go to Grandma and … [Read more...]

Barn Swallow Gladiators

Before Michael was born and Mallory was old enough to compete, the three eldest Marshalls loved creating our own American Gladiator … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Aedan!

Three years ago, I sent Joel scrambling around our delivery room for a receptacle to vomit in, and calmly emptied the contents of my stomach … [Read more...]

lunchbox rehearsal

If you have ever dined with Miss Emma, you know that questions and trivial facts typically outnumber the amount of calories consumed by the … [Read more...]

Fair Weather

After the rain appeared to drown our chances of taking the kids to the County Fair one last time before it closed down for the summer, Emma … [Read more...]

Family Heirlooms

Last weekend, when baby Norah was just a week old, Jason and Tracie let me (and Mallory) play dress-up and snap some photos. Jason worked … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Eggs

When we asked Aedan what he wanted to do for his third birthday, he said he wanted to have a dinosaur party with his cousins. ┬áHe does like … [Read more...]

Incredible Day

We were in Des Moines this weekend to celebrate Cousin Payton's baptism, and decided to take advantage of the Althoff family being together … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Cake

When we decided to have a birthday party for Aedan in Des Moines, because the Althoff family would all be in town that weekend already, I … [Read more...]

Curly Sue

Friday afternoon presented us with a couple hours of summer sunlight to squander before we would head to the fairgrounds for a community … [Read more...]