Another birthday, another blizzard. If you asked Emma, anyhow, that is how she would view her history of birthdays in her … [Read more...]

You be the baby and I be the momma

One of Higdon's favorite games is you-be-the-baby-and-I-be-the-momma. Or with Aedan, you be the puppy and I be the mommy puppy. In his … [Read more...]

Little Linus

This started out as part of Higdon's one-year post, but apparently blankets are so important to him (and us!) that I found enough sentences … [Read more...]


Joel and I ran the Des Moines half marathon again last weekend; our previous running of the DM 1/2 was a 1:40 finish in 2010.  We "ran" with … [Read more...]

Six Months

Higdon had his 6-month checkup Thursday.  It is hard to believe that this happy little guy is halfway to his first birthday! Emma and … [Read more...]

Flower girls and ring boys

Emma was honored with an invitation to participate in our friends' wedding as flower girl; the bride is Emma's dance teacher and the groom … [Read more...]

the nanny

We have a live-in nanny this summer. Her feet aren't much larger than Emma's, but her shoe collection is larger than mine and Emma's … [Read more...]

five months

Higdon at five months: is on all fours, scootching and so close to crawling. sits independently fairly well can go from all fours to … [Read more...]

the return of running

Earlier this winter, a friend texted to let me know that she and her sister were running a half-marathon in May and invited me to run also. … [Read more...]

Good morning brothers

Emma and Aedan have been waking up earlier than normal the past few weeks.  It has been nice to have a little help doing the dishes in the … [Read more...]