Butterfly Day

Emma’s Kindergarten teacher has a neat procedure for sharing and treats; when it is your day to bring snacks, you can also bring something for sharing and you can bring a book for the teacher to read during the day.

Friday was Emma’s day, and she wanted to bring butterfly snacks to go with her butterfly collection and a handful of easy butterfly non-fictions.

A preschool classmate brought these snacks last year, and they are Emma’s favorite request.

They aren’t too hard on Moms, either, and can be customized with your favorite finger foods.

Grandma Marshall helped Emma press and pin her bugs this summer.  I asked Emma to remind her classmates that it is not okay to kill bugs for collections unless you are a professional scientist – all of ours were found dead and made pliable by placing them in a container with some damp paper towels.  (thanks for the trick, Grandma Marshall!)

I love that sharing and snack are on one day – it is so much easier for me to remember, and I am also kind of dorky about coordinating snacks to a theme or season.  I am definitely placing snacks/sharing/books all-in-one-day for my when-I-return-to-teaching-file.