Contact Paper and Tissue Paper Crafts

The Children’s Librarian at our local library is amazing at cramming theme-specific stories, songs, finger plays and crafts into a half-hour and keeping most of the children attentive.  Every now and then, Aedan and I have to take a couple laps and stretch our legs…

One of our favorite crafts can be used for any theme you can think of, and also contains one of my favorite hoarded materials: tissue paper.

The Librarian cuts the contact paper into the themed shape and prepares the correct colors of tissue paper for the activity.  In the fall, we made apples and pumpkins.  For Christmas, you could make trees or ornaments.  In the spring, you can make flowers or kites or shamrocks.

Soon (at home), we are making hearts. I had everything prepped for crafting after school yesterday, but the kids weren’t interested.

You can cut the tissue paper into similar-sized polygons fairly quickly, or let your kids tear or cut.

You also need to make sure you leave a hinge between the front and back halves of your contact paper.

Just peel off one side of the contact paper backing, and begin adhering your tissue paper.  When you are done, peel off the other backing and smoosh the two sticky sides together.  Trim if necessary.

Hang them somewhere to catch the sun, and your Valentine’s eye!