Crayon Rubbings

We have collected several plastic texture plates for crayon rubbings over the years; some are flimsy kid’s meal gifts, others are manufactured from firm plastic by art/toy companies.  I have always wanted to make some, but never thought long about how.

bananas and corn look sooooo similar!

My co-teacher had some school bus coloring sheets printed out on regular white paper, then traced over the lines with colored glue.  After the glue dried, the kids could rub unwrapped or normal crayons over the glue bumps to make rubbing pictures of the busses.  Viola!  Homemade crayon rubbing textures!

For yellow week, I cut up some thin cardboard from our recycle pile and made more texture plates of things that are commonly yellow: sunflower, lemon, duck, construction vehicles, etc.  I sketched them with pencil, traced with a thin Sharpie, then traced with plain white glue.

The glue worked fine, but I think I may try my hot glue gun next time.

It's a lemon!

After they dried, we used them at the writing table to practice our grips and strengthen our fine motor muscles.