Decorating Paper Eggs

Emma is giddy about all holiday seasons, and Easter is no exception.  She has already organized two egg hunts outside in the cold and barren wilderness that surrounds our front yard.  Seriously!  When is spring coming?!?

Emma is also ready to boil eggs for decorating, but has settled for paper for the time being.

Decorating paper eggs is a fun way to talk about patterns, textures, colors, shape, line and form.  The other day, I cut eggs en masse from a stack of purple cardstock leftover from our wedding programs.  What?  Of course I’m not a hoarder!  We used crayons, markers, watercolors, tissue paper and paper punches to decorate them.

I also introduced a tissue paper technique that I learned from Mrs. Turnis at library time.  I had a bag of leftover tissue paper already cut into rough squares from our Mardi Gras masks, and they were a perfect fit for our tiny tissue blossoms.  You simply place the square or rectangle over the flat edge of a crayon, apply a little glue stick the the tissue, and then press onto your paper.

Neat, huh?  When our forsythia and other spring plants bloom, I think we will draw or paint some bare branches and use that tissue paper method to make blooms.

I prepped our other paper egg craft tonight, and hope the kids think it is just as magical as I did!  We are doing crayon relief paintings.

Wax relief egg from last year

Have you ever purchased an egg-dying kit that comes with a clear wax crayon?  I followed the same concept by drawing decorated eggs and other spring motifs on leftover wedding invitations (okay…I may have been a hoarder before, but I spring cleaned this week!) using a light yellow crayon.  You can barely see the yellow on the paper when drawn, but after you watercolor over the crayon, the lines are clear.

And after you paint?

Super cute.  I think the kids are going to like these!