Dinosaur sensory tub

I very loosely considered this a sensory tub/table. There isn’t much to scoop or measure, but there are plenty of textures and imaginative ideas to explore!

I put the tree cookies in the tub first-the little ones made by Joel a a couple years ago when we cleaned our fence-line and the big ones unearthed from some closet or tub by my mom.  I asked the kids to fill in the rest and they chose: tiny, polished pebbles, egg carton cups, strips of brown accordian style packing material (I am not a hoarder…I only keep things with clear possibilities…), and dinosaurs. It would have been fun with a little sand also.  They have had so much fun with this tub the past two weeks!

If you are curious about the drying process of the water beads from our last tub, I left them outside in the sun (in their tub) for a week or more until they dried. They shrunk back to this:

Aedan is ready for a new tub, but we are having a bit of a disagreement.  I have some silk fall-colored leaves and real acorns (freeze them first to kill any bugs!) that I was going to build a fall tub with, but Aedan really wants something to do with race cars.  I wonder what we will come up with?!?



  1. Check out my blog post from today to see our suggestion for a fall sensory table idea. Thanks for your dinosaur idea! Love it!

  2. I love your corn, Angie! Aedan will be right over with his tractors to join in the fun…!