Fall Handprint Tree with Button Leaves

We worked on a fun and easy fall craft this week, and tied it into the final week of our leaves theme.

I traced the kids’ hands on paper, pinned them to brown felt and cut them out.  Normally I would have let Emma cut hers, but she was at school while Aedan was working on his.

You can either sew the tree to another piece of felt for the background, or use a craft glue.

Our background is a standard-sized (9×12 inches?) piece of felt in an royal blue.  I wish I would have gone for a lighter hue…

Aedan and I read a book about leaves and went for a walk to see what colors of leaves we could find.  Digging through my button jar, he *shockingly* reached mostly for the green buttons, but did at least talk about fall leaf colors.

Using the same craft glue, we placed dabs of glue on the tree, branches and sky to affix our button leaves.  I plan on having Emma sew on her buttons.

To display your handprint tree, you can fold over the top inch and glue or stitch in place, then run a string or ribbon through for hanging.

Alternatively, you could place the whole sheet of felt in a picture frame with no glass for display.

A no-sewing fabric craft!