Leaves and math

There’s an M&M display at the grocery store, and every time we visit Aedan has to shake the blue guy’s hand and say some kind words.  Surprisingly, he has only asked if he could purchase M&Ms once, and the answer was no that time because he had already picked out a special treat.

Today, though, there were bags of autumn-hued M&Ms RIGHT BY the shopping cart coches that Aedan prefers.  How could we not miss them?  We bought a bag of peanut and a bag of plain (though I much prefer peanut butter), and they were the perfect counters for our math activity today.  Aedan and I played this morning after grocery getting, and Emma joined in this afternoon.

Every player needs a bare tree drawn on a sheet of paper/napkin/etc., and all of the players can share M&Ms and playing cards or dice.

Our big foam dice came from the ticket redemption counter at Incredible Pizza during Aedan’s birthday celebration.

We played around the table twice, and then took turns taking a special roll to see how many we got to eat.  That was it.  We rolled, we counted, we took turns and we ate.  Elementary math at its finest!

The files below contain more math activities for our leafy theme.

Leafy Math Activities – general math activities within a leaf theme.

Leaves on a Tree Game – cards to print and ideas for variations on playing.