More Thanksgiving things

We finished Thanksgiving with a whirlwind in preschool today.  We:

Tied our cinnamon-applesauce dough ornaments onto our votive holders and dropped in tea lights.  (Cleaned glass jars decorated with pressed fall leaves and Mod Podge)

This is Aedan's candle...but I'm not sure where his ornaments are. Hmm...

-Made air-popped popcorn and talked about how the Native Americans introduced many crops to the Pilgrims.  We then mixed our popcorn with dried cranberries, m&ms, pretzels and goldfish crackers to make a fun mix for stuffing into our paper bag turkey drumsticks!

The drumsticks are super easy – cut a couple inches off the bottom of your paper lunch bag for best results.  The “bone” is made of cardstock, and is 4 – 5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide – did you see the heart at the end?  We put our mix in plastic baggies inside the paper bag, then stapled or glue-sticked the bag around the bone.

We also painted a corn picture with bubble wrap to go with our popcorn discussion.

-Made a wordle with the phrases the kids shared when we asked what they were thankful for in community circle.  I attached it to the newsletter because I thought it was cute, and definitely think we will make more wordles with other preschool topics.

Last week we painted a mayflower scene with paintbrushed sky and water and a handprint ship.

My amazing co-teacher also whipped up a Mayflower replica for us!  I regret that I don’t have any pictures today – but she used cardboard from an appliance delivery and wrote Mayflower on one side.  The masts were made from sturdy wrapping paper tubes taped onto the tops of small athletic pylons, and tagboard taped to the top for the fabric.  She also brought her toy fishing poles from home and I scattered my blue balance pods around the ship to make rocks.  The little kids were so adorable, each sitting on a rock and casting their poles into the ocean!

The kids and I have Wednesday off and are looking forward to a lazy day.  On Thursday we will head to G’ma and G’pa Marshall’s – we alternate Thanksgiving with my side and Joel’s side each year.  My parents will keep our kids on Thursday, and Joel and I are heading to Chicagoland for a half-marathon.

Happy Thanksgiving!