Pasta Skeletons

One of the way we learned about skeletons this week was to sit and feel our limbs and make guesses about how the bones and joints were constructed.
We checked our findings with an old high school anatomy book, and then replicated our body parts with pasta.

my arm

Not too long ago, our Fareway cleared out the Fastco brand past because they had changed the packaging. I stocked up on various shapes of noodles – not to cook, but because when combined with a little white glue (or string if tubular) they are great for little kid crafting.

Emma's leg

After we made an arm and a leg, Emma decided it would be fun to make a garden scene with a self-portrait of herself, the world’s tallest sunflower and two butterflies.

Aedan still isn't a big fan of getting messy. He had to wash the glue off his hands before he could get into the bathtub!

Aedan also made a flower.

that's one way to make toes...

Allegedly, it’s really easy to dye pasta noodles – we may have to do that sometime to increase their crafting potential!


  1. I should really hand over the pasta I don’t use anymore…there’s much to pick from and make crafts with.

  2. Surely your students would love adorning original poems with pasta borders, wouldn’t they? 😉

    We would love your pasta!