Penguin Snow Sticks

We made a super easy craft yesterday when all of the work girls were here.  I had seen kits that you could order from Oriental Trading, but because I have a ton of craft foam that we rarely use I decided to make my own.  A pattern for download is available on the Downloads page, under Crafts.

One of the girls sidled up beside me and helped make the original design while the others played or finished our movie.

I cut out all of the pieces, my helper assembled them into piles, and then we called the other girls to make their craft.  While my assistant gave pointers on nose and eyeball placement, I made frosting for our sugar cookies.  It was a fun and easy craft, and hopefully we will have more snow soon so we can use them!

We used regular white school glue for the foam pieces, but I used a hot glue gun to affix the rulers to the back.  By the way – if you are buying rulers, check the clearance section.  I found mine for $.25 at Dollar General, and Wal-Mart had them at that price also (but plastic).  Joel and I wondered if paint-stirring sticks would work also, but you would have to put your measurements on.  And, don’t you think snowpeople would make cute toppers, too?  Possibly even cuter, because kids could customize their accessories and such.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I bet places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have all of their winter snow cutouts on clearance – kids could paint or color with markers and glue those on rulers also.

However you make them, they are sure cute!