Penguins and Polar Bears

During our last week of our winter theme we studied animals that live in cold climates year-round.

Tuesday, penguins:

The kids drew an oval and I helped them partition the head and wings.  We used those stencil-stamper sponges with wooden handles and glued an orange triangle on the face after it dried.  I thought these were adorable for how student-driven they were.

We also brought in another tub of snow and made a mitten of Crisco to experience penguin blubber.  I scooped 1/4 – 1/2 cup of Crisco into two quart-sized baggies and zipped them tightly.  Those slid (zipper side-down) into another quart-sized baggie.  The kids stuck one hand between the two Crisco bags like a mitten and then plunged into the snow with both hands.  They couldn’t believe how long they could leave their blubbered hand in compared to their bare hand!

We had fun with penguin exercises; sliding on tummies on paper bags, waddling with eggs (balls) between our feet, hopping and flapping.

Thursday, polar bears:

I printed polar bears on blue cardstock and we painted with foamy shaving cream paint.

At the writing center the kids worked on pencil grip and “starting at the top” to trace the lines on an igloo with a crayon.

We had fish crackers and had to swim on our tummies (on paper bags) from one iceberg (hula hoops) to another before we could get our fish crackers for snack.

I know of one preschooler for sure that has been having lots of pretend voyages to Antarctica at home… 🙂