Puppet Show!

I have this horrible habit of cruising the internet and dragging photos of things that catch my eye into a folder on my desktop called, “Craft Ideas”.  Sometimes these items have been crafted in the home and sometimes they are mass-produced in factories, but they whet my creativity and haunt my free-time.

A puppet theatre made from fabric that hangs in a doorway has been in this folder for 18 months.  For 1.5 years I have trailed my hand over bolts of fabrics, sketched, looked for more examples online, and sketched some more.

Here are some links that led to my final design:

Cheap and small – for purchasing or for ideas.

Easy Instructions – you can make this one in under an hour.

More expensive, but hard to find – A little more ornate.

Friends, a couple weeks ago, I finally started my doorway puppet theatre!  And today, it is finished and ready to be wrapped and delivered to one of Joel’s goddaughters (I’m sure her sister won’t mind playing with it either!)

I did my best explaining the steps on my downloads page and providing a visual breakdown of what you need for fabric, but I will also expand on some of the sewing steps here.

The theatre is suspended in our hallway with two tension rods.  I have also seen people use dowels and then hang the puppet theatre with twine and the top dowel.  There is another tension rod at the bottom of the window to provide support and keep the window “square”.

Bias tape makes the ruching easy on the back of the valence.

A pocket on the back side of the theatre keeps puppets and props organized, although I wish I would have placed it lower.

And, a matching drawstring bag keeps the theatre and a couple puppets neat and tidy when not in use.

Emma informed me that I would be making a theatre for home after the holidays, because it’s not fair that her friends get to have more fun than she does.  I am open to suggestions for changes, and will let you know if I make any major improvements.

If you are looking for instructions, check the downloads page!


  1. Wow!! Fabulous! You did a wonderful job and I can see why your little one wants one of these now. Again, great job!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully she will let me “forget” about it until after Christmas 🙂