scissor practice

It’s amazing how now that I’m a teacher again, items in store aisles hop out at me and scream, “Buy me for your classroom; your kids need me!”

I’ve only given in once, and in my mind it was justifyable because I’ve never taught preschool before, the item purchased would be beneficial for Aedan to use over the summer, and it would help me build ideas for materials I could make myself in the future.

I purchased a scissor skills book from Mead (maybe at Target?).  Our favorite activity is something easily replicated at home – cutting strips of colored construction paper to decorate black-line drawings.  The other day, Aedan cut orange strips of paper into little chunks and used them to make stripes on the tiger in the workbook.  The tiger actually had adhesive strips that could be removed to reveal a self-stick surface, and therefore didn’t require glue.  Aedan ended up using glue, though, because he wanted his tiger to have orange on the tail and legs and not only the body.

My plan is to draw or make some other black line masters for Aedan (and my preschoolers) to decorate by cutting strips of paper.  Tractors, firetrucks, farm scenes, other animals with stripes or patterns, or even names and letters and numbers would all make great subjects for this type of scissor practice.

If you are curious about scissor skills at various ages and stages, here is an interesting article from the publisher of my purchased scissor skills book.

Not to be outdone, Emma is of course working on a life-sized rainbow that she is decorating with snips of tissue paper…the red row of ROYGBIV is complete, and that may be enough to quash her jealousy of Aedan’s scissor skills workbook.

Happy snipping!


  1. It will be interesting to see what preschool is like through your eyes!