Seed Science


We had a brief sensory tub of fall seeds, mostly so we would have a contained place for harvesting sunflower seeds and gluing them onto our paper plate sunflowers.
Emma and Aedan harvested sunflower and coneflower heads for the tub when it was inside, and added milkweed pods and dandelion heads when it was outside on the front porch.  There are so many fun fall seeds we could have used – corn cobs, acorns, maple seed helicopters, bean pods, etc.
For a great example of a classroom seed sensory experience, look at this setup from Teach Preschool.
Shelling seeds and removing them from pods is a great fine motor activity also, whether you use fingers or tweezers.  Aedan had fun with both!

When we finished doing our seed activities, I sent the tub outside with Emma to scatter as she pleased.  She brought the tub back inside with no seeds, but a plethora of boxelder bugs and said, “Mom!  I have our next sensory tub ready!”  After appropriate appreciation of her thoughtfulness, she was sent back out the front door with her pets to return them to their native habitat.  Sounds like Emma, doesn’t it?!?