Snowmen at Night

Our first three weeks of January are all about winter; snowmen and snowflakes and sledding this week, native animals and winter conditions next week, and animals that live in “winter” conditions all year round the final week.  Tuesday we read a story called Snowmen at Night

The kids enjoyed the story and were excited to recount the events for me as I sketched scenes with a white crayon on manilla paper.  They couldn’t see the scenes, though, until we painted over them with tempera paint thinned with water. (we used blue and black to make a twilight color)

Drawing snowmen was a great way to assess circle-making abilities, and the kids loved seeing what shenanigans their snowmen had been up to by spreading dark blue paint over the crayon drawings.

We also had fun pretending to ski during large motor time, playing catch with “snowballs”, “sledding” on paper bags and “skating” on the carpet.

Hopefully our snow dance works its magic and finally brings some snow!

Here is Emma’s practice piece she made for me at home so I could test some paint colors.


  1. Mallory Ann says:

    Those pinchers are looking good, E!