Studying Snow

An aside:  This is from…um…two weeks ago, maybe three.  I keeping forgetting to scan my documents for attaching.  I guess I will just scan them later. 🙂

Here’s what we did this week in Prek to have fun learning about snow and winter:

-Put sheets of black construction paper in the freezer and pulled them out just when we were ready to catch snowflakes – with simple magnifying glasses we could see many different shapes.

-Built igloos for our siberian husky teams and later built a ship for an Antarctic voyage.

-Brought snow indoors in tubs to paint with spray bottles.  This is a fun activity for outside also.

-Read A Stranger in the Woods  and colored pictures of woodland animals to glue into a woodland scene on blue construction paper with brown trees and cotton snow.

-Talked about methods animals employ for staying warm (and fed!) and compared them to human methods.  We reviewed the names of articles of winter clothing as we colored pictures.  We also made pinecone bird feeders.