Sunflower Season

Early autumn is such an akward season for home decor in our house; we have soooo many Halloween things that are too Halloween-ish to get out, it’s too warm for colorful leaves and acorns and such, but we needed something new in a couple key spots.

The kids and I finally decided on sunflowers and scarecrows.  I love growing sunflowers, but have had limited success because of my dear, sweet husband’s tendency to mow over them.  One of life’s greatest mysteries is the answer to whether or not his mower decapitates them purposefully…

We have two monstrous sunflowers growing in the veggie garden this year, safely inside the fence that supports the ornamental gourds and the sweet potato vines.  Some random sunflowers have also sprung up throughout our front and back yard, but no one claims the honors of planting the seeds.  I assumed Emma had a little fun with the seed packets, but she is quite certain that a mouse stole the sunflower seeds from her bird feeder and they sprouted from his winter lair.

We found the idea on Disney’s Spoonful site.  Theirs may look a little better….  Here is what we did to make some fun sunflower decor:

1.  Painted paper plates with varying shades of orange and yellow tempera paint.  This part took place under the willow tree and the kids had a blast!
2.  Mom cut the petal shapes around the edges of the plates.  You need an odd number of petals to make the weaving work correctly; I tried to make one petal be three grooves of the fluted edge of the paper plate.  It worked more often than not…
3.  Mom runs the guide strings on plates with embroidery floss.
4.  Kids weave pretty yarn through the guide strings – over, under, over under.
5.  Weaving was really hard for Aedan’s attention span.  The fine motor part was fine.  Emma also was not so enthusiastic about weaving.  Mom finishes the weaving project.
6.  Aedan decides that gluing sunflower seeds in the middle of the plates would be more fun than weaving.  We make a new sensory tub to accommodate his request.
7.  Some of these will have stems made from twigs and go into a large vase.  The others are hanging from the mantle by the scarecrows.  Happy weaving!