Upcycled Polo Shirt-Dress

I proudly showed Joel my finished product last night, and he couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m not sure why – maybe it was a nervous laugh because he’s caught me eyeing a certain brown/orange polo for several months, or a tired laugh because my hobby isn’t so amusing anymore, or maybe an actual laugh of joy to express his delight at my ability to hide drive-through grease stains by altering his yellow polo into a dress for Emma.

At any rate, I like this much better than the polo skirts.

Much like the tshirt dress, I cut a line all the way around the shirt just under the armpits.  The bottom half is reserved for the skirt while the top half becomes the bodice.

I cut off the sleeves at the seams and removed the ribbed collar.

I then took the side seams and shoulder seams in to fit Emma’s dimensions.  The sleeves were then cut to fit the armhole and seamed again.

I ran a gathering stitch through a scrap from each sleeve to make the button-ruffle, and edged it with some sort of lace from Grandma Bea’s notions.

I sewed the right sides together first, then pressed it outward and secured it by topstitching, which hid the first seam.

I think it would also be fun to make several vertical rows of ruffles, and even to make them in a coordinating plaid or floral.

Finally, I gathered the skirt and attached it back to the shirt/bodice.  After maybe just 45 minutes of sewing, Emma has a new polo dress!  Dippee!