Valentime’s Day

I love how little kids refer to February 14 as Valentime’s Day…it’s too cute to correct!

We had a simple party at preschool; the other preschool teachers told me that in past years they never invited the extra hands of parents and kept everything low-key.  Following their lead, I simply posted in my newsletter that our party would not be as intensive as Halloween or Christmas and would not require extra hands – but that parents were of course welcome to join in our fun.

Thank goodness some of my Moms showed up!

The first two moms were put to work delivering Valentine cards one-by-one with each student.  Without prompting, the Moms not only helped with delivery, but also made phonetic connections and practiced 1:1 correspondence.  It was a wonderful opportunity for some individualized learning!

I worked at the art table using colored glue to paint various colors of tissue paper hearts onto cardstock.

When the other two Moms joined us, it was time for snack.  Together we doled out juice, bread, peanut butter and jelly.  We all helped the kids make sandwiches and two Moms walked around with heart-shaped cookie cutters for a special Valentine treat.

For my Valentine gift to the kids, I placed two packets of hot chocolate and some heart-shaped marshmallows in a brown paper bag.  I planned to also make chocolate stirring spoons, but didn’t have enough chocolate chips.  Oops!

Because we are the owl class, my bags were decorated with two cute owls in a tree and said, “Valentine, you warm my heart!”