cherry pie

Emma and I both look forward to fresh cherries all year-long.  Inveitably, though, we reach a point every summer when we find ourselves looking at the last bag of fresh cherries in the fridge and wonder why, again, we bought so many cherries!

I don’t have a cherry pitter, so I rarely make things with the cherries; we just eat them.


I came across a cherry pie recipe though, that included tips for pitting cherries if you don’t own an actual pitter.  We used a hard, plastic straw that normally goes inside a sippy cup.  I removed the stems, then pushed the straw right where the stem attaches.  It pushed the pit cleanly out and trapped a bit of juice and flesh inside the straw, easily removed with running water.

We didn’t have quiet enough cherries left for the pie recipe, though, so we added some blueberries.

 Cherry pie et al

And Emma made me a custom-shell for the top.
Cherry pie et al

Our pie was delicious; we are excited to pit the cherries from our trees later this summer and make some more treats!
Cherry pie et al