Emma wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween this year, but after looking at costume options online decided that the Ghostbuster getup was too “dull.”

Somehow she settled on Cleopatra – I think we had been flipping through the Chasing Fireflies Halloween catalog.  Emma is still cool with Mom making her costume, so we settled down with Google one evening and sketched the components.  Things we needed:

A white drapey dress.  We stitched on some gold around the armholes and put velcro on the waist to hold the belt in place.  The fabric was some sort of heavy polyester that didn’t even need hemmed.

A gold, fabirc neckpiece with jewels.

Wristcuffs – I had a hard time figuring out the angle on these, and hinted to the resident geometry expert that I needed help.  I ended up just using a a circular scrap of fabric with some gold trim – it worked perfectly.

A gold belt with a piece hanging down the center.

A scarf with finger loops – actually a really cheap window sheer!

And a golden headpiece – purchased from Amazon.

Emma had such fun with her Cleopatra costume – she was thrilled that people knew exactly who she was, which is quite opposite from last year’s Baba Yaga disguise.

At her class party on Friday, she gave an impromptu oration on the story of Cleopatra for her Friday sharing.  She wowed the class and parent helpers with her accounts of pharoahs, slavery, Egyptians and asps.  When she returned to her seat and snuggled up on my lap she whispered, “So, was all of that stuff about Cleopatra true?”  Hehe!  I finally sat down and read some wikipedia pieces about Cleopatra, and it appears Emma meshed the stories of Moses and Cleopatra together.  Oops!  Next time I will prepare her better for her Halloween role!