Day 4: Hollywood Studios (part 1)

Aedan’s special day was Thursday, Day 4.  His wasn’t quite as surprising as Emma’s, because our dear children know us to be so fair and considerate that we would of course book a meal with Aedan’s favorite Disney character:

Jake the Neverland Pirate.

I had actually booked a character dining experience for Aedan with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and the gang.  A few weeks before the trip, we learned about this pirate named Jake from Disney Junior that he loved…we don’t get cable at home, so his two days at daycare each week and any miscellaneous days at the grandparents usually involve a little begging for Disney Junior.  Luckily, Jake’s event still had openings, and our other event was easily cancelled because it was well before the 24-hour time restriction.

So, Thursday morning bright and early (7 AM vacation time seemed really early!) We arose and snacked and dressed in our special Hollywood Studios outfits and grabbed a bus to the park.  We arrived before the park opened and stood in line for a bit before getting nervous that we would miss our reservation for 9:20.  Joel and I were on the verge of rock, paper, scissors to see who would wade through the crowd to ask if Jake’s breakfast crew were allowed early entry when we noticed a sign that said, “Disney Junior Breakfast Sign-In” – dippee!

After sign-in at the gate we were told to go straight to our restaurant (Hollywood & Vine)- no wandering around…We did stop to take a picture of Mommy and the kids on the empty street!

Even though it was only 8:45, we were still seated right away and were able to begin our breakfast buffet immediately.  Aedan was so excited to see Jake, Handy Manny, June and Oso milling around the room.  We had so many compliments on his outfit, and Jake noticed him right away.  But…it wasn’t our turn to see Jake yet.  First we had to see Handy Manny, June and Oso.  Aedan hid under the table for each of them, refused to join in any of the amazing song and dance opportunities, and pretty much confused his parents until Jake came along.

He loved his Jake!

Thankfully, the restaurant was empty enough that we were able to stay for a second and third round of character visits when Aedan was back to normal and wanted to participate.

The humans that led the song and dance routines were amazing.  They were warm and welcoming to the kids, but had plenty of humor for the adults.

The buffet was tasty  and offered plenty of options for our family.  Our waitress encouraged us to take a piece of fresh fruit with us for the kids to eat later – she was worried that they hadn’t eaten much because of their excitement.