On May 2, on the way home from Cousin Owen’s First Communion, still dressed in church finery and minutes before closing, we pulled into Theisen’s and purchased chickens.

Joel and I had talked about free range chickens, done quite a bit of research, and thought we could probably handle this undertaking.  The six chicks were supposed to be all hens, but there was of course no guarantee.  They also needed food, feeding and watering apparatus, a light for warmth, and bedding.  We had the perfect box from the office waiting stowed away for their garage quarters, and were soon on our way with our chicks.

DSC_0065The kids loved them immediately; they eagerly volunteered to provide food and water, change the nesting materials, and help them learn that humans are indeed friends.

Names soon followed: Higdon chose “Duckie”, Aedan chose “Kit Kat”, Emma chose “Brownie”, Mom chose “Baba Yaga”, Dad chose “Herky”, and “Chicken Little” was the spare chick in case one died.

When their real feathers grow in, they can move outdoors to the coop that Joel is building; he is using boards from our old deck to build a coop and compost bin in our backyard.  The plan is to allow the chickens to roam in their yard area, but return to the coop at night.