Fruit Flies

Our kitchen fell prey to an overwhelming swarm of fruit flies last week, so I borrowed a science experiment from a former student and made a homemade trap.  It worked!

I used a tall pilsner glass, etched with an Irish proverb about longevity and repentance.

A small amount of wine at the bottom of the pilsner drew the fruit flies in, and a paper funnel lodged at the top confused their exit plans.

The fruit flies tried for several days to get around the paper, and made quite a pattern with their wine-stained footprints on the funnel.  As I washed out my contraption yesterday and patted myself on the back I thought, “Yep.  That’s the end of that.”

Nope.  I dreamed about fruit flies last night and woke up to another swarm hovering near the trash can.  Same pilsner/funnel setup, but near the trash can in the mud room this time.  At least they aren’t in the kitchen anymore!


  1. When we had out “episode” this summer we made a mixture of apple cider vinegar and dish soap! 🙂

  2. I have wine and dish soap in my traps now…apparently the soap breaks the surface tension of the wine, and the fruit flies plummet to their death. Emma loves this small bit of trivia 🙂