Hooded Towels

Emma has been wrapping up in the same variation of monkey towel after bathtime since she was probably 18 months old.  Not the same exact towel, but multiple copies of the original.

Needless to say, she’s a little taller now at age five, and increasing complains about the lack of coverage as the temperatures dip.

I’ve always assumed I could just make a hooded towel, but wasn’t quite sure on the dimensions.  A little surfing led me to three separate blogs that declared a bath towel plus half a hand towel should get the job done.

Tucked away with the rest of the Christmas gifts, my little girl now has a new hooded bath towel!

Joel and I walked the bath towel aisles at Target multiple times on Saturday, weighing nap and loop and colors, and trying to determine whether a standard bath towel was much bigger than Emma’s monkey towel anyhow. (Should have measured before we went shopping!)

A standard bath towel is quite a bit larger than her old monkey towel.

We ended up buying the cutest, cheap towel set we could find – just in case it didn’t work.  I am kind of excited for our $5 towel combination to wear thin so I can sew an even cuter hooded towel…

Let’s see those instructions:

You need one bath towel and one coordinating hand towel.

Cut the hand towel in half.

Center the hand towel with the bath towel, matching the two finished edges together.  Sew.

With right sides together, sew the cut edges of hand towel.

I then covered that seam with bias tape on the inside of the hood and stitched it over the seam to keep everything neat and tidy.

You can get creative with grosgrain ribbon or make creature features and appliques with extra pieces of fabric.

$5.00 and 20 minutes later – a new bath towel for my girl!