When your toddler shifts his weight impatiently in the grocery cart seat while waiting for your meat counter order to be packaged and handed over to you, you improvise.  You play itsy bitsy spider, I Spy, or what color are the items in our cart?

When said toddler develops a runny nose, as he was freshly plucked from the great outdoors at daycare, and you have no tissues in your pocket and only carried your small purse, you improvise.  You offer the sleeve of your coat or the hem of your shirt.

When your toddler grabs your list from your hand and loudly blows his nose into your list and then excitedly exclaims, “I did it!  I wipe my nose in you list!”, you improvise.  You hit the remaining three aisles with a mental picture of your carefully planned and categorized list, drop in some chocolate to reward your quick-thinking skills, and hope that you have enough staples to improvise meals for the rest of the week.