More Seussical Treats

Here are the rest of our Kindergarten treats for Dr. Suess’s Birthday.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes, compliments of the internet.  The kids ate these for a fun treat in the afternoon at school, but Aedan ate his for breakfast.

cotton candy and funfetti cupcakes...breakfast of champions!

Yertle the Turtles – green apples with chocolate chips melted and piped on for a shell design

I transported them in a bed of lemon-lime pop, on a covered baking sheet.

And, a bag full of fish.  With dried cherries for some extra nutrition.  And with a matching game printed out from the Seussville website and shrunk to fit four copies on a page.

We couldn't find the colored goldfish crackers. Bummer!

If Joel can stomach it, supper will be green eggs and ham and toast, butter side down.


  1. Super cute! I bet the teacher loves when it is Emma’s treat day 🙂 So where did you get the cotton candy? And what are the heads of the turtles- just a smaller piece of apple? I would’ve never thought to put it in something acidic to slow the browning. You are definitely gifted in the creativeness department! So I’m dying to know if Joel could stomach it for supper 😉

  2. The cotton candy is from Dollar General – lots of stores have it and my kids always beg for it, so having leftovers was a little bit of heaven for them 🙂

    The head on the turtles are grapes. I was going to use nutter butters for legs, but figured they would get too soggy – they would be cute if you were serving them immediately, though!

  3. And, I made normal eggs for the grown-ups and green eggs for the kids. Aedan traded me regular eggs for green ones, and they were okay as long as they were hidden between my slices of toast 🙂