My tiny cabbage

Mon petit chou grew her own ten pound whopper this year, as part of a national cabbage-growing competition through Bonnie seeds & plants.  I believe they planted the seeds at school, but perhaps they were just given peat pots with plants already started.


She marked out an area in the garden, requesting a three-foot diameter.  I gave her about 20 inches, and told her that there was no way her cabbage would grow that big.  Plus, I needed more room for zucchinis!  Eventually, her cabbage grew big enough to shade and kill my zucchini and claimed the three feet she originally requested.  Oh well.

Various creatures took shelter in her cabbage; earwigs, pill bugs, little white butterflies, something furry and mouselike, and a garter snake.

We harvested the cabbage this week and made:

Egg Rolls (adding soy sauce and fresh mushrooms to the mixtures)
All Day Soup (I love this soup – I swear it’s the same recipe my grandpa Marshall used to make)
Fish Tacos