Our Hotel

We stayed on resort at WDW, in the All Star Movies Resort.  This is classified as a “value” lodging option, meaning it’s among the lowest-cost offerings.  As with all Disney resort lodging, we were given complimentary bussing to/from the airport and all of the WDW parks-we only did Disney attractions and did not rent a car.

The pool and playground were just down the sidewalk from us, along with our food court and front desk area.  We could also use any of the others pools at our resort if we wished, and Andy’s room was just down the “hall.”

We loved being Andy’s neighbor!

Honestly, we spent maybe six hours in our room beyond sleeping.  When hoteling in an extended stay situation with the kids, we would normally opt for some sort of suite so the grownups could stay up later than 8:00 without jeopardizing the precious commodity of our children’s sleep.  For this trip, two beds in one room was just fine because we were so busy during the day that the kids were too exhausted to care if Joel worked on his computer after bedtime, and the grownups were more often than not ready to go to bed when the kids retired.

We swam twice – the kids thought the water was too cold or we definitely would have swam more.  The hotel also had complimentary life vests/floaties.

The standard Disney Dining Plan allotted one snack, one quick service meal and one table service meal per person per day.  ( and desserts for grownups!) We could use this at the parks or any resort, and felt like it did save us money.  The portion sizes were often oversized – especially for our kids.  We ended up with leftover grapes, carrots and applesauce cups from kids meals to stash in our fridge and use for snacking or pairing with breakfast bars brought from home.

I read somewhere that staying in a Disney resort provides 125% more Disney magic, and I totally agree.  The kids loved each and every Disney touch at the hotel, from the Mickey Mouse towel arrangement on our bed when we first arrived to the Mickey Mouse shaped foods in our dining adventures.


And what kid wouldn’t love to wake up and say, “Mom, can we go play in Andy’s room with Woody and Buzz before breakfast?”



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