Soccer season ended Tuesday for Emma, and two weeks ago for Aedan.

I coached Aedan’s K-1 team, and had several of my former preschool students.  That was fun!  I had only helped coach before, so this was my first year with the responsibility of planning practices and such.  In Emma’s tenure as a K-1 player, teams practiced a couple times before games started, but did not practice between games during the week.  We scheduled several practices before our first game, and then met weekly for 30 minutes to build skills.

During our last game, I was reminding our defenders how they were going to play “clean your room” when the ball came on their side of the field, just like we had played in practice.  One of the defenders said, “Oh!  So that’s why we played “clean your room” in practice – it’s what we do in the game!”

It was fun to see such progress in our skills; we moved the ball well, played our positions, and paid more attention to the ball than the dandelions.  Joel likes to make fun of how competitive I am…in my opinion, it’s not so much that I want my team to win, I just want things to be right and fair.

Aedan seemed to enjoy having me as a coach, and was bummed when I was assigned to coach Emma’s softball team and not his tball team.

Here are our favorite soccer drills if you are ever presented a K-1 coaching opportunity:

Clean Your Room:
Don’t Crash the Car: (we didn’t use yellow lights)
Sharks and Minnows: