Sous Chef

Aedan has swimming these next two weeks, so Emma has some extra Mommy time after school.  I became so used to Aedan doing kitchen prep work for me while he was home without Emma, and likely because he has had more time home with Mommy in general, he has more kitchen confidence.  (He chops with kid knifes, measures ingredients, finds ingredients, stirs, uses the mixer, etc.  Emma’s only one-up is that she can reach and use the microwave!)

The chef (in normal Thursday school attire), the iPad, and the peppers.

I found an iPad app from Kraft that organizes recipes that are child-helper-friendly.  I had Emma look through the “main dish” recipes and add a few dishes to our “likes” folder.  We checked to make sure we had ingredients, and put her Asian Chicken Wraps on the menu for Thursday.  I cut and cooked the chicken during Higdon’s afternoon nap, but other than that, Emma did all of the measuring, chopping and mixing.  It was a nice treat to have supper ready (and warm!) when everybody made it home, without ditching the baby on the playmat or trying to stir around his head while carrying him in the bjorn.

This kid knife gets the job done safely!

We also made a double batch of the ravioli casserole last weekend to put in the freezer, made a quick and yummy nacho bake for lunch on Saturday, and have more meals marked for this week!  Thank goodness for little sous chefs!

Two ravioli casseroles, ready to go!