Tea and Crumpets

Emma invited her female classmates over for a tea party in February.  We didn’t advertise it as a birthday party, because Emma that the gift of her friends’ time was cherished itself; two friends still brought gifts.

imageShe wanted a proper tea party, so we used Grandma Stone’s crystal serving sets.  The menu included shortbread cookies (cut into hearts), raspberry jam tarts (super easy and yummy!), deviled eggs, and bacon cheese croissants (also super easy).  Emma wanted her party to very sophisticated and ladylike, but she and her friends did not bat an eye when Higdon and Aedan joined them at the table.

(Later, however, Higdon wrecked the legos and was whisked away by Joel)

Several types of tea were served: vanilla chai, green, black, and ceylon.  Most of the girls decided that a heavy dose of milk and sugar were required to enjoy any of the tea varieties.

imageImmediately after tea, the girls shaped their pizza dough for supper and placed it on marked pieces of parchment.  I pre-baked the dough while they played fairies, shadow puppets, dollhouse, mine craft, and legos.  They also spent a large amount of time crafting peg dolls.

Though I was irked that Emma had rifled through my craft supplies without permission and nicked some of my favorite lace and ric rac varieties, she did have everything well-organized and thought out.  She had a tray for each girl with a variety of wooden peg dolls, small scraps of fabrics, cloth flowers, feathers, lace and other trims.  The girls were able to use craft glue on their own, and I applied hot glue whenever requested.

The girls came upstairs to top their pizzas at 6:00.  We rounded out the meal with strawberries, blueberries and carrots.

At 6:30, the lights went off and the glow-stick dance party started.  Higdon and Aedan danced along with us and Dad dee-jayed the party.  Families arrived at 7:00 to pick up the girls.  It was such a fun group of girls and the all got along nicely.  They are looking forward to a return visit to play in the woods and soak in the hot tub.