Valentine Photo Booth

I took a black sheet and some fun props to preschool on Thursday and setup a Valentine photo booth for my students.  They posed in paper heart glasses, a red glittery hat, black paper mustaches, etc., and then I popped the photos into $.50 collages at Wal-mart.  In addition to a homemade card, that’s what my students are giving their parents for Valentine’s Day this year.

If you are interested in a Valentine photo booth, we used: heart glasses, two shapes of mustaches, giant lips, a somewhat “normal” shaped glasses, a red sparkly hat, several scarves, a red paper heart, and a paper x and o.  I wish I would have thrown my little chalkboards in the mix – that could have been fun, too!

I can’t show you all of my student photos, but here are Aedan’s from school:


Emma also took some for me this weekend at home:


  1. What a cute idea! Emma looks like Sherlock Holmes and Aedan could work as Watson.