Valentine treats

I waited over a week to sign up at preschool to be the “bringer of Valentine treats”.  I LOVE bringing treats, but Emma signed up for Valentine treats last year and I wanted to give someone else a chance.  Nope.  It’s all us!

Here’s what made Emma’s preliminary list of ideas:

-a cup with jello, whipped topping and stawberries

-a cup with pudding, whipped topping and strawberries

-PB&J sandwiches cut into a heart with a cookie cutter

-Cupid’s Arrows – the same treat we made last year.

And the winner is:

Cupid’s Arrows!

A fun and healthy treat for Valentine’s Day-

For each treat, thread strawberries, grapes and cheese cubes onto a wooden skewer.  Make a triangle from cheese for the tip of the arrow. (We cut shaped our triangles from blocks of cheese)

Use a cookie or Rice Krispie treat heart for the feathers.  Refer to the diagram to make sure your heart points in the right direction.

Note: We used really thick sugar cookies last year, and they stayed on the skinnier skewers well but broke on the wider skewers.  This year we are doing Rice Krispie Treats.

Last year Joel and I threaded everything the night before except the cookies.  The teachers stuck the cookies on when they handed out the treats because of the breaking issue.  This year, I will probably thread the fruit and cheese the night before, and stick on the Krispie treats in the morning.  They traveled well in a lidded jelly roll pan.

If this is too much food, I also think you could make a cute little sailboat-looking creation.  A Rice Krispie Treat base shaped like a heart, with two toothpicks of fruit/cheese poking out of it to make a right-triangle shape.  Alright, maybe that’s the same amount of food arranged differently.

We’ll post pictures Thursday or Friday!