Water Party

We have had several scorching days here, and they almost always fall on babysitter days.  Emma likes to call these “water party” days, and we haul out all sorts of stuff to help us stay cool in the sun.   Of course, there’s always the slip-n-slide, inflatable pool and various sprinklers, but here’s some other fun ideas:

Angry Birds Water Balloons – I saw these on another website or blog, and the kids and babysitter loved them!  We filled the water balloons and gently wiped them dry, then used Sharpie markers to draw faces.  Emma grabbed our collection of shoeboxes and capri sun boxes from the basement and they stacked those up for obstacles.  I set out three Therabands/exercise bands to use for slingshots, but they ended up just throwing them at the boxes.

Bottle Flutes – Emma asked me randomly one day to save her some glass bottles for a new instrument.  I inquired about her plans, and she said that she wanted to fill one with water and tap it.  We took that a little further; I gave the kids several clean jars and two pitchers of water.  After a brief demonstration to help them see which water level produced the highest and lowest pitch, I left them to experiment on their own.  The jars were saved and have now become part of our water party centers.

Sponge Races – Emma and Aedan each had two- 32oz. yogurt containers; one filled with water and one empty.  They had to use a sponge to soak up water from one cup, run a distance in the grass, and squeeze it into the empty cup.  This actual game never lasts long before some variation takes over, but it’s a favorite!  (squeezing sponges is also good for little hand muscles, too!)  Cup races are also popular – holding them on your head while running somewhere is guaranteed to be a soaker!

Dishtub – Several water parties have included a simple rubbermaid tub filled with water, a pinch of soap, and something that needs washed.  One day it was plastic bottle caps I had saved for a project, another day it was sandbox toys, and Emma’s rock and seashell collections have made the tub a couple times.

Bottle Caps – This is a game that we have prepped but have played yet.  I saved a ton of plastic bottle caps and wrote a letter of the alphabet on each.  Following the rules of Scrabble, I made additional caps of often-used letters.  We will dump all of the letters in our big dishtub full of water and use slotted spoons to pull them out.  (Marshall girls…stop laughing about the slotted spoons!)  I can let Aedan pull out letters and identify them, can see what words Emma can spell with hers, or can use individual whiteboards to write words that I want the kids to build.

After all of these scorchers, it’s quite clear to see which areas of our yard get played with the most – there are bright green circles and patches where the hose runs, the sprinklers spin, or the dishtub gets dumped.

I would love to hear about any of your favorite water activities…I’m really hoping to make it to August without having to go to the pool!


  1. Great ideas! Yes, isn’t it funny that jus a hose can be the best entertainment.
    Our idea is the good ole fashioned Slip-n-Slide. We got it out yesterday evening with an innertube (pictures to come on my blog) and the kids LOVED it!! Lots of fun.