Wednesday – Day 4


Wednesday broke early, with a planned snorkel kayak trip from the beach in front of our resort. A guide took us out in kayaks, along with a dad and his two daughters (ages 7 and 10 maybe). The guide dropped anchor and hooked all of our kayaks together, and off we went to explore the ocean.

I prefer to think that the ocean is empty close to shore, and teeming with life well beyond kayak/snorkel distance. I am always wrong! We saw amazing corals, sea stars, sea sponges and sea turtle after giant sea turtle.


Our guide picked up several items and brought them to us for further inspection; nothing felt quite like I expected.


Joel, the other snorkelers, and our guide spent most of their time along the ocean floor or maneuvering in and out of rock crevices to get the best glimpse of the turtles. I stayed close to the surface on shark lookout. (totally not funny…a couple weeks after we left this beach, a woman lost her arm by shark attack in the same area, and another woman had just swam ashore after capsizing her SUP – and turned around to see it devoured by a shark)


Our guide carried a camera and took pictures throughout the excursion, which were included in our package.

After breakfast, we returned to the beach to relax and make plans. The plans pointed us to Lahaina, a historic royal city just a few miles up the beach. We walked around and popped in and out of gift shops and eateries.

We had a little pool time before supper, then headed to another must-see from our list: Mulligan’s on the Blue. This was Irish themed, and the menu did not disappoint with fish and chips for me and corned beef for Joel. An amazing acoustic guitar act sang (mostly) Irish folk music and ballads throughout the evening, including two renditions of Whiskey in the Jar.


The night ended watching the sunset from hammocks on a level of our resort we had just discovered; it was too dark for bocce ball and many of the other activities provided in that area, but the view of the sunset was sure nice: