About Me

My name is Leslie.
Read here if you want to know how I became the gingerbread mom.
I have just wrapped up year three of full-time mommyhood.  Emma is an imaginative and affectionate six-year old and Aedan is a spirited and talkative three-year old.  I am married to Joel, who works a short walk away, just through the spooky woods. Before full-time mommyhood, I was an elementary teacher.  I loved being creative and silly and important all at the same time, and really missed working with students and teachers.
So, I started blogging (again).
I started blogging when Emma was 20 months, and bought me an iMac for Mother’s Day.  My posts contained stories and photos to share with family and friends from afar.  I kept blogging when Aedan was born, but soon after that my web server was repurposed for something else and I was too lazy to find a better way to blog.  Now I blog to share my creative and silly and important ideas, to let the world share in the laughter I experience daily, and to network with other mommies.
2011 brings a new facet to our lives, as I am once again a teacher (part-time preK),  doing marketing and websites and technology integration for Joel, and having fun being just a mom.  Thanks for stopping by!