Companions on a Journey

Emma made her First Communion last Saturday, attended by all of her aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. We stepped outside for a moment to take pictures during the reception at our house and upon seeing the line of cars in the yard, Emma said, “Wow! All of these cars are here for me!”

Our church celebrates First Communion the two weekends following Easter, and offers four different masses to accommodate all of the families. The children proceed up the aisle with Father, carry up the gifts, watch Father prepare the altar while at his side, and then return to their families to receive communion for the first time. Emma felt pretty special celebrating this sacrament.

Emma requested a long skirt on her dress, and we practiced the art of gracefully lifting her skirt while climbing the steps on the altar or settling into a pew. Emma has insisted all winter that she dress as a proper lady for church, always wearing her black hat and either her cape or pea coat. She was quite the young lady for First Communion, also, clutching her purse (rosary and lip gloss included), wore higher-than-flat heeled shoes, and gloves (with red bows to represent the Blood of Christ) and tried her best not to wiggle.

Her very favorite church song is Companions on a Journey. She belts it out at home whenever she can and requests it often of me at the piano. My favorite verse is the one were we sing of being gifted with each other. We were told so many things about Emma and the deficiencies and disabilities she would likely be born with. But here she is, a healthy and quirky little thing that walks and runs and loves every living thing. She is a gift.