She had so many outfits picked out for her “photo shoot”, but we only made it through the first set.  After the plaid jumper, I fed Higdon and a bank of clouds moved in.  It’s amazing how a difference in thirty minutes can ruin your light!

I had to include one picture from outfit number two, even though it was blurry.  You can see that she was having a lot of fun with this outfit – we are definitely going to finish these soon!

At eight, Emma:

-still loves Rosebud, her dolls, her stuffed animals, and anything that allows her to share her boundless compassion and creativity.
-is a strong reader and wakes up early to finish books, speaks with a very mature vocabulary, and eavesdrops waaaaaay too often on others’ conversations.
-enjoys playing with Aedan. When the rare argument ensues, Emma is smart enough to offer bribes so that he won’t tattle.  SHE ALSO SPEAKS LOUDLY FROM THE PLAYROOM when she wants us to know what is going on without her actually tattling to us.
-Is getting into popular culture – clothes, music, tv shoes, etc.
-Loves being outside – gardening, singing to her willow tree, exploring, practicing water bending and spy moves.
-Will still snuggle with her mom and dad, and even brought us breakfast in bed last Saturday (strawberries and bread/butter.  She couldn’t get the toaster to work bc the GFCI outlet had been tripped)
-Still needs to move; she chews gum daily at school and needs reminders to either do something active or chew something safe at home
-Can empty the contents of a craft room in 20 minutes or less, but makes some unbelievably cool creations.
-Lets me hold her hand sometimes, but never in the school crosswalk.
-Loves God and is so excited to share His love with others and serve Him.