Another birthday, another blizzard.

If you asked Emma, anyhow, that is how she would view her history of birthdays in her lifetime.

This year, I was able to pick up a friend from town when I dropped Higdon at daycare (just before the blizzard).  Emma was thrilled to spend her birthday with a friend!


  • ate the birthday treats that were supposed to go to school on Tuesday (the snow day)
  • colored
  • played Minecraft
  • walked up to the shed and played basketball, jumped rope, and made a new frisbee game
  • made hot chocolate
  • ate cheese pizza and apples for lunch
  • soaked in the hot tub
  • decorated their LPS (Littlest Pet Shop creatures) and played all sorts of story lines with the LPS
  • took pictures with Emma’s new insta-print Polaroid camera
  • ate more birthday treats

When it was time to grab Higdon from daycare and return the friend, the roads were clear and prepped for round two.

We had supper with just our family Tuesday night; Emma didn’t ask for any gifts because we are taking a birthday trip together in a few weeks.  She had eleven candles in a chocolate pecan pie, and left four boyfriends standing.  We asked Emma what her favorite part of her birthday was, expecting her to say something about spending the day with her friend. This is what we received:

“Just the gift of being able to celebrate my birthday.  I read about people in China and Africa who aren’t even allowed to celebrate their birthdays.”

Another year wiser, I guess.