Emma’s 1st 5k

Two weeks later than scheduled, Emma was finally able to run her 1st 5k.  We supported Aunt Amy’s track team and ran the 1st annual Lisbon/Mount Vernon Costume Run.

Daddy dressed as Captain America, Emma wore her ghostbuster costume, and Amy was Catwoman.  Aedan let me decide if we would run together or not, and I decided not.  It was a loooooonnnnng week for the two of us this week while dealing with his tummy bug.

Joel said that Emma only stopped running once, at the water stop for a quick drink.  She was up at 5:00 this morning with a nervous tummy, and Joel and I were both pretty nervous for her as well, but she did great!  He said she didn’t act like she was having much fun during the race, but afterwards she was pretty proud of herself.  I was trying to talk to her during the awards ceremony and she shushed me, saying, “Please be quiet until the awards are over…I want to know how I did in my age group!”

They didn’t actually report results for runners under age 15, but Emma claimed Daddy’s pumpkin as her prize anyhow.

Her official time was 33:10.  She had enough left for a little kick at the end; especially when little brother Aedan hopped in to finish with her!  Emma has still been running once or twice/week, and steadily getting faster.  We have also been lap swimming once a week (which I love – wish I could go daily!) and she is getting stronger and stronger.  We still need to work lots on her core strength, but she definitely feels more confident and aware of her body now.

We froze our tails off at another race this week – Uncle Michael’s cross country team was assigned to our district, so we were able to cheer on some hometown runners as well as the Stormin’ Pointers.  Michael and a teammate both qualified as individuals, and their team finished second.  Their team will compete in the state meet next weekend in Fort Dodge.  Our hometown boys’ team finished first in our district, and is still ranked as the top cross country team in the nation (of schools with under 500 students).  Our girls’ team finished third and will also compete in the state meet; we sure picked a strong running community to build our business and make our home!


  1. Yeah Emma- way to go!


    Starting traditions that Joel grew up with. the family that runs together stays together. congrats Emma & Joel 🙂