Flower girls and ring boys

Emma was honored with an invitation to participate in our friends’ wedding as flower girl; the bride is Emma’s dance teacher and the groom is our coworker.

The ring-bearer is the bride’s nephew and long-time friend of Emma’s, dating back to their preschool years together.  Like Emma, he manages to carry on conversations for years without stopping for breaths and covers topics from video games to arachnids with charming candor.  They had a blast together during the festivities.


The two kids sat across from each other during the rehearsal dinner and entertained the rest of the wedding party with their friendly banter.  Pictures on Saturday morning cast a quiet and professional demeanor on the two, but breaks were filled with jokes, iPad racing games and even more stories.


Emma and Jacob were asked to carry up the gifts during the wedding mass; I had quietly recommended to Emma during rehearsal that she leave the jug of wine for Jacob to carry and choose the bread instead.  The jug was filled to the brim and sloshed playfully around the wide mouth of the vessel.

On the wedding day, Emma bee-lined for the wine and marched up the aisle with a forceful look of determination and only a sideways smirk at me as she passed our pew.  That stinker!

Emma and I were seated at a head table with Jacob and the bride and groom’s parents for the reception.  When we went through the buffet, Emma choose only the foods that Jacob chose.  When we ate, Emma ate in the order that Jacob ate.  Our table was so cluttered with purses and cameras and such that Jacob didn’t realize he had a set of silverware assigned to his place setting, and he began eating his meat with his fingers.  Emma happily picked up her slice of pork loin and nibbled away as well.  That was the last straw for me…I whispered into her ear that she had better eat like a young lady or she would be sent to sit with her dad.  She pointed out that Jacob was eating with his fingers, and we had just read in Little House on the Prairie that if you didn’t know how to eat something you should watch the host and follow their lead.  Jacob’s grandmother caught enough of our conversation to begin digging for utensils and our problem was solved!

Shortly after cake, Emma and Jacob were invited to join the wedding party on the dance floor.  Short of one bathroom break and quick trips to our table for sips of water, Emma didn’t leave the dance floor for three hours!  She was really excited about the dollar dance and wanted to make sure she danced with both the bride and groom.  Joel sent her up with $20; she danced first with one, asked for change, and then danced with the other.


Aedan had a blast dancing, too.  He attends the same dance studio as Emma, but did not have the bride for his teacher.  Still, he wore his “hip hop” shoes and displayed his best moves.

Higdon spent most of the wedding day with my parents, driving to an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.  For as much as he doesn’t like his car seat, he reportedly behaved well.  Joel, Emma, Aedan and I retired from the dance floor shortly after 9:00 and drove 15 minutes north to spend the night at my parents’ house.  Higdon was already sleeping when we arrived, and let me sleep in past 6:00 AM!


Such a fun way to start our summer!