Go, Orange!

Emma started soccer last week, with practice on Sunday and Thursday and her first game scheduled for Saturday.  (tomorrow!)

I was out of town Sunday with Amy, and missed her first practice.  Joel called and asked for some clothing advice, because they were having a bit of a disagreement about whether a certain jacket was too nice to wear to soccer practice.  Emma’s aunt and Godmother Megan gave her a pink Adidas track suit for her birthday and Emma knew immediately that it was for sporty events.  On PE days Emma alternates that outfit with her yoga pants and running shirt that aunt Mallory gave her for her birthday, and I call her sporty spice.  I was sort of gloomy after that phone call and regretted missing the excitement that she surely exhibited while planning her day.

Don’t worry – she was still plenty excited on Monday morning!  There is only one other girl on her team, a first grader that she knows from school, and already Emma had elaborate plans to make matching hair ribbons for them to wear.  Emma also informed me that all of the players on their team were together called “the Orange Team” and would be wearing orange shirts.  As she counted down the days until Thursday, she also counted the opportunties she would have to see her first grade friend on Thursday – once at mass, twice at recess, once for lunch, and once for soccer!

She’s taking her health and fitness very seriously right now, and wants to start running with me in the morning before school.  Emma would also like more dri-fit shirts (she has one that she randomly pulled off a rack at the Nike outlet when Joel and I were gearing up for winter running), more running juice (Gatorade G2), and a soccer goal for the yard at home.

I took Emma to practice Thursday, knowing that Joel was deeply impressed by the coaches when he took her on Sunday.  They were amazing!  No kid was every just standing around, they were kind in their redirections, and ran several developmentally appropriate drills in the 15 minutes I observed.  What a great experience for our kiddos!

My favorite part: after the kids cleaned up they gathered for a post-practice meeting, and the coach asked, “What’s our team!”  “Orange!”  they all responded, some breaking out into random cheers of “Go, Orange” and “Yeah, Orange!”  He then sprinted to his car and came back with an armload of orange tshirts.  Emma is a bit of a clotheshorse, and never have I seen her so excited about a garment!  They huddled up one last time and stuck their hands in to yell, “Go, Orange!” in unison.

Tonight we are working on hair ribbons and trying to talk her into wearing shin guards (they feel too funny), and tomorrow our baby girl has her first double-header!