mischief makers

The leprechauns visited us again on St. Patrick’s Day this year, but were a little less zealous than last year.

Emma put out her collection of leprechaun traps – the hat and ladder from last year, plus a foam rainbow, a paper mache toilet, and a bed with a bell that rings when the leprechauns lounge.  I love this girl and her creativity!

The kids also colored a garden scene on some cardboard scraps to place inside the front door while we were away, in hopes of making the leprechauns think they were still outside in the wilderness.  Leprechauns have been known to cause all sorts of trouble in our home, and Emma really wanted to keep them out while we were gone…

This year, the leprechauns snuck into the kids’ rooms overnight and sprinkled glitter in their hair.  Apparently the little green guys don’t see well in the dark, because they filled Aedan’s ear with green sparklies instead of his locks.

The glitter didn’t end there; each potty was glittered and the leprechauns left glitter all around Emma’s traps.  The leprechauns must have lounged in the kids’ living room chairs, too, and left their glittery traces.

I worked hard on Wednesday night to get some of our laundry started after we returned from the Dells, and those darn leprechauns scattered two loads of clean clothes on the family room floor, and draped green garden twine from the ceiling fan.  Unbelievable!

While we were at the grocery store on St. Paddy’s Day, the leprechauns left a bag of gold candies (rolos) in our mailbox in the woods. (Yes!  We have a new mailbox in the woods!)  In our excitement to chase after the leprechauns scampering through the woods, the leprechauns also unloaded some of our groceries and scattered them around the house.  Thank goodness they put away the perishable items first!

Emma is fairly certain that she still sees signs of leprechaun mischief around the home and yard, but by this time last year they had already returned to bring springtime to Ireland.  Maybe the leprechauns will be kind enough to let Emma know when they have vacated the woods again this year.

Did you have any leprechaun trouble?