One Month

Higdon celebrated one month on 1/19/2013.  The big kids were excited to celebrate because I let them pick a special dessert in his honor – they thought they would get to do that every month!

As a whole, I think we feel mostly settled in and used to each other.  I am still constantly shushing Emma and Aedan, yet Higdon still sleeps right through most of their activities.  He still smiles often, tolerates tummy time okay, still abhors the carseat, likes his fist and pacifier equally, likes riding in bjorn and seeing the world, and loves the bath.

Higdon has been sleeping 4 hours, then 2 or 3, then another 2 or 3.  His sleep pattern is much more established than Emma’s or Aedan’s at this age.  I owe most of his early sleeping successes to Steve Jobs; because of the invention of the iPad/iPad, I am able to entertain myself during middle-of-the-night feedings and don’t fall asleep only to wake two hours later in the same chair with sleepy limbs and an unhappy back.  I do have to limit my facebook usage during these feedings, though, after I awoke to find that I had erroneously “liked” a couple posts, likely as my finger slowed while scrolling and I nodded off.  Oops!


There are some nights when I feel like Joel and I really have this parenting thing down…everyone gets bathed at some point during the day, we eat a nutritious meal together, both parents get some free time to exercise or be alone, we read stories and play a game with the big kids, and the gentle hum of the dishwasher serenades us to sleep.

It is more common, though, that we eat in shifts, that we count applesauce as our fruit for three meals in a row, that stories are read with a crying baby in arms, and exercise consists of going up and down the stairs once to tuck in the big kids.  We’ll get there eventually!  🙂

Emma has had swimming lessons right after school the past two weeks, riding a special swimming bus to and from lessons.  I pick her up from school at 5:00 ish instead of meeting her in the driveway at 3:15.  Aedan has been riding the bus home by himself these two weeks, and was pretty nervous the first couple days but did great.  It was nice to have some special time with him the past two weeks, and it will be equally enjoyable to repeat the same schedule the next two weeks in reversed roles; Aedan will be swimming, Emma will be home with Mommy and Higdon.

I cannot believe how fast the first month went – seems like we were just in the hospital admiring the blizzard and our new baby!  I am sure future months will pass by with even greater speed!

Happy One Month Birthday, Higdon!